Welcome to the World of Wonderful!

 The Vision of Wonderful

A place where we redefine the concept of 'Affordable Luxury' in the realm of home textiles. Our journey began with a simple gathering of friends, lamenting the compromise between comfort and affordability. This moment sparked a dream in our visionary founder, Lynn Wang. She envisioned a brand where top-notch quality and cost-effectiveness coexist harmoniously.

A Dream Becomes Reality

Lynn's Journey

With over 30 years of expertise in the home textile industry, Lynn embarked on her bold venture, drawing from her experience at XiFang Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. in the US and her entrepreneurial venture at Shanghai Yiyang Textiles. Like a discerning connoisseur in search of the finest ingredients, she meticulously traversed a vast network of designers, craftsmen, and suppliers. Her mission was clear – to curate only the best materials and workmanship, ensuring an unparalleled comfort experience for all.

Then came the birth of Wonderful in 2013, a name that symbolizes not only Lynn's relentless dedication to quality but also her fervor for life. Every fabric inch and stitch undergo her meticulous scrutiny, earning recognition and respect from reputed brands worldwide.

Beyond Borders

The Growth of Wonderful

Lynn's ambition did not stop there. In 2016, she introduced Wonderful to the US, not just as another brand, but as a beacon of her philosophy – 'Affordable Luxury'. It embodies her commitment to quality, passion for life, and pursuit of excellence.

Initially, we marketed our products under the brand name 'shalala new york' on various platforms. As we grew, we recognized the need for a distinctive brand and our own website to better serve our customers. Thus, Wonderful was born. The name represents beauty and brilliance, reflecting our desire to offer a better lifestyle to our customers.

Today, Wonderful stands as a testament to a dream that challenged the norm. It's a story of embracing life, pursuing unparalleled comfort, and staying true to a commitment to quality, all wrapped in the warmth of 'Affordable Luxury'.

Experience Wonderful

The Invitation

We invite you to step into our world and experience the Wonderful difference. Connect with our passion for life, our obsession for quality, and our journey to bring you the utmost comfort. In our belief, a 'Wonderful' life begins with attention to the smallest details. So, we warmly welcome you to embrace the Wonderful lifestyle.