About Us

Welcome to Wonderful—a brand steadfast in its mission to create a luxurious yet comfortable home textile experience. Initially, we marketed our products under the brand name 'shalala new york' on various platforms. However, as we grew, we recognized the need for a distinctive brand and our own official website to better serve our customers. Thus, Wonderful was born, reflecting our commitment to beauty, brilliance, and a better lifestyle for our customers.

Founded in 2016, we have established ourselves as a leader in the market by embracing a business model that leverages both independent e-commerce websites and various electronic commerce platforms to reach our customers. Our primary market is in the United States, where we have cultivated a strong customer base.

Rooted in our commitment to "Affordable Luxury," our philosophy is to extend the luxury lifestyle to customers around the globe at a reasonable cost. As a direct-to-consumer manufacturer specializing in design, production, and sales, we pledge to provide non-toxic, pollutant-free, and thoughtfully designed bedding. Our all-encompassing product line includes quilts, comforters, duvets, pillowcases & shams, and blankets & throws.

At Wonderful, we firmly believe that luxury is not merely a lifestyle but an attitude embodying self-respect and the enjoyment of life. We invite you to join us in embracing "Affordable Luxury." Trust in us, in our website, our company, and our brand, and allow us to guide you towards a life of accessible opulence. Through our strategic sales channels, we ensure that our products are just a few clicks away, making luxury accessible to everyone.

We acknowledge that we might not be the best in the ecommerce industry as of now. However, we're committed to learning and evolving daily. Your feedback, both positive and constructive, is priceless to us as it guides our enhancements. We deeply appreciate your support and are excited to progress alongside you.

Our Values

At Wonderful, excellence is our creed. From selecting premium raw materials to precision in manufacturing, we imbue every product with unmatched quality. Our designs blend functionality with sophistication, ensuring a luxurious experience.
Adhering to stringent factory inspection standards reflects our commitment to social responsibility and a respectful, fair workplace, which is fundamental to crafting our exceptional offerings.

Our Mission

Our mission at Wonderful is to offer "Affordable Luxury" to a global clientele, consistently aiming to satisfy the most meticulous tastes. We are dedicated to ongoing innovation, unrivaled product quality, and exemplary service to enhance the comfort and elegance of your home environment. Embracing the challenge to exceed expectations, we are relentless in our pursuit of excellence, ensuring that every product not only meets but surpasses the standards of the discerning consumer

Our Responsibility

We uphold a strong commitment to social responsibility. Our manufacturing meet the stringent factory audit standards. This reflects our deep respect for every team member and our commitment to a fair, just, and positive work environment. We firmly believe that it's this nurturing atmosphere that enables the production of high-quality products.

Our Certification

We assure that all our products are non-toxic and pollutant-free. Each fabric in our bedding is OEKO-TEX® certified, a world-renowned testament to safety standards in textiles. This stringent certification ensures a safe and comfortable sleep experience for you, free from harmful substances. Embrace our bedding for peace of mind and the luxury you deserve.


"As a long-time friend of Lynn, I've been fortunate to witness the inception of Wonderful® and its growth firsthand. Lynn's relentless pursuit of perfection, her passion for textiles, and her vision for 'Affordable Luxury' have always been impressive. Her decision to launch a direct-to-consumer model is quintessentially Lynn - bold, innovative, and always thinking of the customer first. I'm excited to see her bring high-quality, eco-friendly bedding to more homes. To my dear friend, and to the Wonderful team, I wish nothing but the best. I know they will continue to weave their magic, making luxury accessible to all."

David Rodriguez, Owner, Furniture Outlets

"In my experience as a hospitality industry veteran, sourcing quality beddings can be quite challenging. Thankfully, we found Wonderful®. Over our two-year partnership, we've procured thousands of their pillowcases, shams, and blankets. Their impeccable quality and commitment to eco-friendly practices never cease to impress us. As they take a leap into the direct-to-consumer space, we are confident that they will bring the same level of commitment and make luxury accessible for everyone."

Sarah Mitchell, Director of Operations

"Being in the furniture business for a decade, I've worked with many textile companies, but none compare to Wonderful®. Our partnership has been going strong for over four years, with regular large-scale purchases of their quilts and duvets. What sets them apart is their blend of fine quality, eco-friendly fabric, and innovative design. As they venture into the direct-to-consumer market, we wish them the best of luck. We're certain they'll continue to deliver 'Affordable Luxury' in every thread they weave."

Emily Clark, Childhood Friend and Business Associate